Meet the sage of sustainability 

Farm to tables. The process of serving good food begins with the roots then goes to the kitchen and then to your tables. Kavitha Mantha does it all. A farmer, chef, and curator. A three-in-one combo to be reckoned with!

Her passion for good food gave Hyderabad’s best cafe an Eco-friendlier image. Sustainable living begins with the very idea of sustainable serving. 

To grow, cook and serve the most innovative authentic food ideas, she has walked beyond celebrating local seasonal produce and supporting local producers, creating the most feasible dining experience in the city of Nizams.

Hyderabad's First Zero Waste Cafe 

Sage Organics started as a store providing fresh homegrown vegetables and groceries, maintaining the conscious health-savvy mindset, but soon ventured into an exotic vegetarian restaurant world with their down-to-earth, farm cafe menu. 

Their sole motto is trust and authenticity in their work and this serves as the key pillar to drive customers towards them. Best cafes in Hyderabad don’t need a tedious exploring route anymore, because what SAGE Farm Cafe offers is more than just a Farm Cafe Menu and Eco-friendly designs for you to chill at. 

Their basic Zero Waste journey started with the inception of SAGE Farm along with the idea to sustain in the long run. From removing single-use plastic bags to removing plastic altogether from all kitchen products.

Sage Farm Organics Cafe

See, such an amazing eco-friendly cafe design, just to add a little extra effort to our environment? Wanna hear something more?

They also started working on reusable steel straws and collecting milk in glass bottles and cutting down waste footprint from the store. Because of their eco-friendly cafe design, they have recently started working on composting and recycling.

SAGE Organics went through a huge eco-friendly transition, which is an amazing prospect in the modern world. And that’s not all, they’re willing to do more, for their customers, and for the environment, and envision a green and glorious sustainable future!

Eco-friendly cafe ideas merged alongside a super relaxing lunch environment, so the next time you Google the best cafe in Hyderabad for lunch, we have you covered in this article about the finest and best food cafe in Hyderabad.

The best part of living in this city of pearls is that its pearls lie in the best cafes in Hyderabad, they are not created or resurrected but simply made by founders like Kavitha who love their work and want to devote an extra hand to the environment.

Cheese and Kombucha!

From homemade cheese to homemade Kombucha, not only is Kavitha the sorcerer of organic goodness but also the entire Sage Organics team creates magic in every bite. 

The process of cheese making requires unpasteurised milk for the soft and melt-in-your-mouth texture. However, commercial dairies sell milk with shorter shelf life and so they went one step ahead of natural farming with cows and buffaloes!

With fresh milk directly from their farm, they made their own cheese. Not only that, but they also delivered fresh milk along with hand-churned butter, homemade paneer, salted caramel sauce, hand-churned Buffalo Ghee, Ragi laddu, and sesame laddu made with their own ghee to their customers. The demand and supply rose hand in hand.

Kombucha is another interesting take on their THINK-EAT-THRIVE strategy. It is made from fermenting Tea and Organic Jaggery with a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). The yeast in the SCOBY feeds on the Sugars creating a pungent-flavored drink, full of good probiotics.

Very handy for improving gut health. Purity, health and taste! Everything is at one cafe for you!

Such pure delights at no cost of nature! Can you imagine driving back to the memory lanes of your childhood or just yet the 90s, when ghee, milk and laddus tasted like heaven, unlike today’s ready-made, chew-eat-over feeling of food?

Eco-friendly ideas begin with one of our favourite eco-friendly merchants. We’re going to tell you all the gossip about one of the best food cafes in Hyderabad.

From dusk till dawn

A regular day at the SAGE Farm Cafe starts with receiving fresh veggies and assessing what is in stock, then assigning the stock to a variety of dishes that match the taste buds of their customers to serve them deliciously seasonal and fresh food, at the best cafe in Hyderabad with a wide range of farm cafe menus.

When asked about their outlook on an entire store in regards to their cafe, they had a very intriguing perception of how the changing world around us relies on collaboration for the success of sustainability. 

They expect to showcase their products to a few more brands in the coming year to infuse their menu with innovative classics to keep serving the best of the best.

Pandemic and sustaining sustainability

The pandemic hit us all, really hard, but even then, SAGE FARM CAFE didn’t stop. They kept their head down, kept doing their best, and survived through their loyal database. Eco-friendly cafe ideas do have a lot of support from idealist customers who actually care for the environment.

Upon being asked about whether they would ever prefer an online space over a retail market, they mentioned that their business relies mostly on customer engagement, thus, they’d prefer face-to-face interaction with customers rather than a remote cook-pack-serve model.

If you’re also an environmentalist looking for some advice on eco-friendly cafe designs, their suggestion is to find what you stand for, stick to it and the right audience shall find you. Best Cafe Hyderabad is just a step away from strong willpower and a pinch of eco-friendliness.

Sage with Zithara

We at Zithara strive for the success of our community by benefiting merchants who benefit society in return. So, what other place to begin reigniting the customer-merchant relation than this selflessly devoted cafe itself?

With Sage Farm Organic working towards our environment, it feels right in sync for us to work with them. We are delighted to be connected with such a highly motivated merchant at Zithara, as it brings us great joy. Zithara is dedicated to promoting integrity and sincerity in all its endeavours. Their unwavering commitment to ethical practices has already captured our admiration.

Apart from being a unique Zero waste cafe, Sage Farm Organics also believe in rewarding its customers. Being a Zithara merchant gives them the additional superpower of rewarding every foodie for every visit.

So if you too want to be rewarded and save while you eat, check out the Zithara QR code and make your payment, so that the next time you drop by for another bite of nature, you pay even less by redeeming your earned rewards. 

This way the little family of Zithara, Sage Organics and you can continue making a difference in this world by supporting their zero-waste offerings.

Simple, innovative, and authentic. Best cafe Hyderabad has an ultimate saviour now! That’s SAGE Cafe for you. So the next time you’re in the mood for something veg and seasonal, you know where to go. 

1227, Road 62, Sage Farm Cafe, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – that’s where you go!

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