The Zithara QR Code is a cutting-edge payment system that combines advanced payment processing, integrated loyalty programs, and deep customer analytics to provide businesses with a complete payment solution that can aid in keeping them at the forefront of their industry amidst fierce competition.

Imagine having a payment system that handles transactions, rewards loyal customers, and provides valuable insights into their behaviour. The Zithara QR Code does precisely that, and it's quickly becoming a popular choice for businesses looking to provide their customers with a seamless and convenient payment experience.

The benefits of the Zithara QR Code help businesses enhance their payment system, boost customer loyalty, and improve their overall operations. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the power of the Zithara QR Code.

        1. Integrated Loyalty

To succeed in any business, customer loyalty is crucial, and Zithara QR Code offers an extensive loyalty program that rewards customers for their continued patronage. By using the QR code, customers can accumulate points for every transaction they make, and businesses have the flexibility to customise their own reward and redemption rules. This user-friendly program helps businesses retain customers and encourage repeat purchases, enhancing customer satisfaction and revenue growth. The Zithara QR Code loyalty program is designed to keep customers engaged and incentivized to return, by offering a simple and easy-to-use program that rewards them for their loyalty. By using this program, businesses can cultivate a more loyal customer base, which is crucial to their success in today's competitive marketplace. The Zithara QR Code loyalty program is an effective tool for building customer loyalty and driving growth in the long run.

        2. Deep Customer Analytics

    Knowing your customers' preferences and behaviour is essential to running a successful business. The Zithara QR Code is a powerful tool for gaining deep customer insights. Every QR code transaction is captured, and companies can access this data through a user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard provides detailed analytics on customer behaviour, including purchase history, visit frequency, and select products or services. Utilising this valuable information enables the creation of focused marketing campaigns, providing customized promotions, and enhancing customer interaction. With the ability to track and analyze customer behaviour, businesses can better understand what drives their customers' purchasing decisions, which can inform future business strategies. By using the Zithara QR Code to gain insights into customer preferences and behaviour, businesses can make informed decisions that lead to increased customer satisfaction and long-term success.

        3. Advanced Payment Processing

    Zithara QR Code provides a seamless and hassle-free payment processing solution that offers advanced capabilities, making it easier and more convenient for customers to complete transactions. By scanning the QR code using their mobile devices, customers can complete transactions quickly, taking only a few seconds. The system is compatible with all QR code-enabled apps, ensuring its accessibility to a wider range of customers. Additionally, businesses can monitor payment status in real-time, and receive instant notifications once payments are successfully processed. The Zithara QR Code payment processing solution provides businesses and customers with a fast, reliable, and secure payment method that streamlines the transaction process. The user-friendly payment processing system is designed to make transactions effortless and accessible for customers while providing businesses with valuable insights into payment trends and behaviour. The Zithara QR Code payment processing capabilities are valuable for businesses that seek to enhance customer experience and improve transaction efficiency.

        4. Decked-out POS System & CRM

    The Zithara QR Code offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations. In addition to the payment system, Zithara provides a user-friendly POS system that can process various types of transactions, such as cash, card, and QR code payments. The POS system is designed to simplify the checkout process, making it easier for businesses to manage their sales and inventory.

    Moreover, Zithara offers a powerful CRM that allows businesses to store and manage customer information, including their contact details, purchase history, and preferences. This centralized database provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, enabling businesses to tailor their marketing campaigns and promotions to individual customers. With this information, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and build stronger relationships with their customers.

    Zithara offers a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to manage their operations more efficiently. By providing a range of tools for payments, sales, and customer management, Zithara helps businesses stay competitive in today's fast-paced market.

        5. Whatsapp Business API 

 Zithara QR code solution that enables retailers to connect with their customers seamlessly through WhatsApp Business. By using the Zithara QR code, customers can automatically connect with the retailer's WhatsApp account right after making a payment, allowing retailers to engage with their customers in a more personalized and efficient way.

   What is Zithara?​

    Zithara provides a comprehensive solution with multiple features such as CRM, Marketing Automation, Rewards, Referrals, Feedback, and WhatsApp for businesses to communicate with their customers across different channels, making it an All-in-One Omni Channel platform.

    Why AI-Powered CRM? 

    Built to understand and engage with customers on transactions using RFM (Recency-Frequency-Monetary) algorithm, so you never miss to identify and stay connected with your customers.  

    What Zithara Offers You:-

    Marketing Automation:

  Allows you to engage with your customers based on their purchase behaviour. With Zithara CRM, you can effectively examine your customer data and categorise them into various segments using the RFM (Recency-Frequency-Monetary) model. This enables you to optimise your customer management strategy and improve overall performance. Zithara platform enables you to automate your customers' journey-based segmentation. 


   Incentivizing repeat purchases through rewards programs can be an effective way to foster brand loyalty among customers. By offering rewards for certain behaviours according to their segmentation, such as making a certain number of purchases or referring friends, businesses can create a sense of excitement and engagement among their customers. Reward them accordingly. 


   Referral programs are a powerful tool for businesses to both retain their existing loyal customers and attract new ones. By implementing referral programs, companies can incentivize their customers to refer their products or services to others, ultimately driving growth and increasing customer acquisition.  By incentivising existing customers to refer their friends and family, businesses can tap into a powerful marketing channel that can drive sustained growth.


  Asking customers for feedback and encouraging them to review their purchases can positively impact the perception of a business. In fact, a recent study indicates that 64% of consumers trust product reviews and ratings. Collecting feedback enables businesses to enhance their offerings, boost customer satisfaction, and establish credibility with their target audience. By actively soliciting reviews and feedback, companies can foster a stronger relationship with their customers and improve their overall performance.

    Whatsapp for Business: 

  With your official Meta Business account, you can create India's 1st  cloud-based WhatsApp business account for your company in just 10 minutes. This innovative solution enables businesses to leverage the power of WhatsApp to communicate with their customers in a streamlined and efficient manner. Instantly gives access to the launch

  • Whatsapp broadcast campaigns, 

  • Build an Entire E-Commerce Store on WhatsApp

  • Accept payments on WhatsApp,

  • Integrate with Existing Systems

  • Whatsapp chatbots

  • A WhatsApp chat agent can offer 24/7 customer support and other benefits for improved customer service.

  Zithara's AI-powered CRM is a game-changer for retail businesses, offering a host of benefits such as enhanced customer experience, personalized messaging, and process automation. With solutions suitable for businesses of all sizes, Zithara can help your company thrive in today's competitive market. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving your business goals.