There have been countless Loyalty programs on the market issuing loyalty points, considered cheap tactics used to accumulate customer engagement. It has proved to be a failure time and again, but what if every business had a single and easy-to-follow system for reward and redemption?

This is where Zithara falls into the block with their newest model of business which ensures that every point gained by you on your purchase doesn’t fall off the rail. Zithara is a user-friendly technology platform that provides “Zi-coins” as a replacement for loyalty points.

Zithara makes it easier for you to go to Paris Fashion Week 2022

If you’re an exclusive-only customer or the high elite, congrats! You’ve probably already got a stacked calendar. If you’re just a regular guy or gal with incredible style, a constricted wallet, and a hunger to know what Fashion Week is really like, I promise you don’t have to deal with FOMO for long. Below, read on for everything you need to know about how to get invited to Fashion Week and get in the most efficient way possible.

The ability to redeem these Zi-Coins at a moment’s notice is the most unique thing offered by Zithara among the heaps of loyalty points and other benefits that stack up to mean something in the long run. 

Society as a whole is turning to online brands for all of their needs, but with Zithara’s tech, offline retailers can go a step beyond cash discounts and offer Zi-coins, something that online marketers don’t have, and can help them make better deals and offers.

How does Zithara work to improve the Loyalty Reward Program and its Management?

On enrolment, Zithara provides the merchant with a QR, making this the connecting thread to the bigger Zithara Partner Network. This QR code replaces the existing QR codes that merchants use at their establishments.

When a customer of the merchant makes a payment through the Zithara QR, they receive rewards in the form of an alternative to loyalty reward points, the “Zi-coin”. The Zi-coins are interoperable rewards that can further be exchanged for various services and products on the Zithara app or website or at the offline Zi-Stores

This makes the system of Zithara an easy breeze in terms of gaining the reward as well as redeeming it, making the experience easier for both the customer and the merchant.

The Zithara platform also guarantees a 100% return on every payment that the customer makes. But you might feel – “Why should I stack up these Zi-Coins?”

The Power Of Zi-Coins, Zithara’s Loyalty Points

The value of Zi-Coins is significantly distinct for every individual. This is the beauty of what makes Zi-Coins shine among similar technologies available in the market. From different perspectives, the uniqueness of Zi-Coins varies from person to person.

For customers, Zi-Coins are an alternative to loyalty points redeemable on the Zithara application or website. To go along with this the app serves as a shopping assistant, displaying offers and deals. This way Zithara becomes the one-stop solution that the customer needs for all their shopping needs.

For a merchant, Zi-Coins help empower their customers’ value without giving heavy discounts on products. This means that the merchants get better margins on every product. 

Not just that, with Zi-Coins, customer loyalty is increased as they can redeem merchant-based vouchers and revisit the store, thereby increasing lifetime value.

The Real Solution for Going to Paris Fashion Week 2022

If you follow the steps above, there is a big chance you’ve already gotten enough points for a trip to Paris and back, including paying for anything and everything that the week has to offer.

Paris Fashion Week hosts elaborate and exclusive parties for which you can easily get invites if are smart and intelligent and keep stacking up Zi-Coins through your everyday purchases.

Future Prospects for Loyalty Points

For the first time, Indian retailers have the opportunity to be a part of the universal loyalty management system operated by Zithara. Zi-Coins introduced by Zithara act as loyalty reward points that can be collected at every purchase.

This creates opportunities for the merchants to be visible both around their vicinity, and to gain prospective customers looking for attractive offers around them.

An opportunity like this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment to improve the ranks of Indian retailers to that of huge MNCs, who take up more than half of the market. The power to make your marketing a one-man job is the absolute goal that Zithara is looking to conquer.

Loyalty programs act as an integral part of any successful business model, but a comprehensive look into them will showcase their failure in the past. Zithara’s mission to rectify and make it more accessible has succeeded and now it’s upon you to jump on this bandwagon to the moon.

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