TNB Aesthetic Secrets is a brand ready and eager to deliver the finest when it comes to glamorising and enhancing the appearance of the person walking into the salon.

Society’s view of beauty and aesthetics is very luxurious and everyday people always shun themselves from investing in materials that are therapy and treatment for them in the disguise of beauty.

Bringing the local public a method to look their best self for the most affordable price is the sole motive of TNB Aesthetic Secrets and the path that they are following now, the sky is the limit.

Bringing Luxury to Local

The initial plan behind TNB Aesthetic Secrets was to bring luxurious and expensive treatments to the local public. In this day and age, beauty is not only a luxury but a necessity to get a job or make yourself an Instagram influencer.

Accessing the high-end, rich elites’ beauty and aesthetics playbook to the general public is what makes TNB Aesthetic Secrets the best and most effective nail, hair, and skin salon in the game.

TNB Aesthetic Secrets is catering to the youngsters of today who aspire to become actors, dancers, musicians, and influencers in this modern age of social media. TNB Aesthetic Secrets caters to house-makers who want a therapeutic time and feel treated in the best of ways. 

The Luxury provided at TNB Aesthetic Secrets

Providing Extravagance Reasonably

The treatments that TNB Aesthetic Secrets offer are various and it might be a chore to select the best for what will make you love the experience that they provide. Here’s a list of treatments that are costly in other stores but reasonable and  effective at TNB Aesthetic Secrets, 

  • Lip tinting – Depositing pigments into the lips using needles and making them fuller or pinker than before.
  • Micro-blading – Inserting pigments under your skin using a needle to give you well-defined, natural-looking eyebrows
  • Hydra-facials – The procedure of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection that removes dead skin cells and impurities, while simultaneously delivering moisturising serums into the skin
  • Medi facials – Nourishing facials performed under the supervision of a dermatologist, using ingredients that are skin-friendly and medically proven to benefit the skin in the long run
  • PRP Treatment – The procedure of treating torn tendons, tendinitis, muscle injuries, arthritis-related pain, and joint injuries which results in hair growing back on the scalp.

These are just some of the treatments that TNB Aesthetic Secrets provide at a reasonable rate bringing the flamboyance which was locked behind money to middle-class families.

Stand through the Lockdown

The pandemic hit all of us hard and this is especially true for businesses that serve the customer physically and need the customer in their store to provide the service that the customers expect.

TNB Aesthetic Secrets was hit pretty hard during the first lock down as well as the subsequent lock down but it was still able to hold on to its own two legs because of the foundation laid out by its founders.

Now, in this pandemic age, TNB Aesthetic Secrets is prioritising the customer’s safety by taking every precaution such as masks, sanitizers and vaccination doses of employees, and other important protocols

Treatment by Medical Professionals

The amazing thing about TNB Aesthetic Secrets is that every procedure is done by medical professionals who have expertise in skin treatment and cosmetology backgrounds.

There is no need for individuals to be taught who have no background or qualifications. Instead, TNB Aesthetic Secrets provides the customer exclusive service through the cosmetologists who are associated with Aesthetic Secrets.

This way, TNB Aesthetic Secrets takes the utmost care when it comes to customer service and believes that all the worries of the customer are whooshed away when they come to TNB Aesthetic Secrets.

Professional Dermatologists and Cosmetologists practicing Skin Care

Zithara with TNB Aesthetic Secrets

We at Zithara strive for the success of our community by benefiting merchants who benefit society in return. So, what other place to begin reigniting the customer-merchant relation than this selflessly devoted salon itself?

TNB Aesthetics Secrets is working towards making luxuries like nail art and skin Botox accessible to the everyday public. We are delighted and excited to work for a venture like them. 

Being associated with such an extremely determined merchant gives us immense pleasure at Zithara. Zithara strives to work for everything pure and honest. Their pure conscience has won our hearts already. 

Apart from making flamboyance and extravagance to the public, TNB Aesthetic Secrets also believes in rewarding its customers. Being a Zithara merchant gives them the additional superpower of rewarding every person for every visit.

So if you too want to be rewarded and save while you beautify yourself, check out the Zithara QR code and make your payment, so that the next time you drop by for another touch of exquisite beauty, you pay even less by redeeming your earned rewards. 

This way the little family of Zithara, TNB Aesthetic Secrets, and you can continue looking your best, be it a Monday or Friday. So the next time you’re in the mood for testing yourself with the best Hyderabad has to offer when it comes to beauty, you know where to go. 

Plot No 30. No. 8-2-293/82/F/30-A, 3rd Floor Above Churoltto, Main Road, Film Nagar, Hyderabad – that’s where you go!

Go to their website and check out more about TNB Aesthetic Secrets.

You can also find TNB Aesthetic Secret on Instagram.

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