There are too many ways to earn money from your phone out there. But this one allows you to do so from a simple activity of shopping. Yes, shopping! We understand there are too many offers that over-promise and under-deliver their cashback offers. This, fortunately, is a tried and tested way to earn your way to your next phone. 

Earn Rewards While Shopping, Anywhere

We have all heard of reward points and cash backs that get collected in your e-wallets and end up in the dust until they expire. There are too many of such to keep track of, be it your credit card, a loyalty program from your favourite brand or UPI apps such as Google Pay, PhonePe, or PayTM. But we have a solution for this and that solution is called Zithara. 

Zithara is a rapidly growing rewards platform in India that utilises UPI-based transactions to offer cashback rewards called Zi-Coins. Think of Zi-Coins as reward points that accumulate from purchases and can be redeemed for various vouchers. With Zithara, you can earn Zi-Coins on your everyday transactions and save money while you shop. Whether you're buying groceries or paying bills, every UPI transaction can earn you Zi-Coins. As you accumulate more Zi-Coins, you can redeem them for vouchers that can be used for various products and services. Zithara's convenient rewards program is a great way to save money and get the most out of your everyday spending. 

How to earn more Zi-Coins

Zithara, a payment platform, offers an effortless way to earn Zi-Coins. Simply look for their purple QR code the next time you pay using a UPI app. Once you scan the code to complete your payment, the equivalent amount of Zi-Coins will be credited to your account. This means that you can easily earn Zi-Coins every time you make a purchase using the Zithara QR code. These coins can be redeemed for exciting rewards and discounts, making your shopping experience even more enjoyable. So, keep an eye out for the purple Zithara QR code and start earning Zi-Coins with every transaction.

Zithara's payment platform provides a hassle-free way to earn Zi-Coins. Regardless of what you purchase or the amount spent, simply pay using Zithara's QR code with any UPI app and receive the corresponding amount of Zi-Coins credited to your account. You can earn unlimited coins with no minimum or maximum limit, making it an easy and convenient way to collect rewards. With every transaction, you can accumulate more Zi-Coins that can be redeemed for exciting discounts and rewards, enhancing your shopping experience. Start using Zithara's payment platform and enjoy the benefits of earning Zi-Coins with every purchase.

So to earn more Zi-Coins, just shop more from local vendors who use Zithara’s QR code.

Zi-Coins that you earn get collected in your wallet and you can check the balance whenever you want on your Zithara app. Along with that, you can also use the Zithara app to locate more such vendors and make purchases from there to make maximum use of every purchase.

Buy your next phone with Zi-Coins

Zithara has an exclusive marketplace called Zi-Market that can be accessed by the Zithara app as well. This marketplace has a plethora of vouchers and coupons for you the explore and browse. Using your Zi-Coins you can redeem the offer on your next phone! 

So that was the simple and easy way to earn your next phone with the use of your current phone. For more such tips and tricks stay tuned. Get started with Zithara by registering now and getting a head start with 1000 Zi-Coins. All the best! 

Why Zithara?

At Zithara, we’ve solved that unique problem. Merchants and customers are now comfortably and intuitively using UPI technology. So, with no additional technology, registered merchants at Zithara (Zi-Merchants) and their customers can perform the following actions:

  1. Easily pay and receive payments

Customers have the flexibility to make payments through their preferred UPI app by simply scanning the Zithara QR code.

  2. Trigger a cashback for the customer

Merchants can offer personalized Zi-Coin cashback based on the bill value of customers, using Zithara's QR code. Zi-Coin is a reward program that replaces cash and lets customers increase their purchasing power to buy more products and services.

Zi-Merchants have successfully encouraged their customers to spend more (with an effective increase of 40% in average bill value), and have seen twice the number of repeat purchases. 


Zithara is an innovative payment platform in India that offers an effortless way to earn Zi-Coins while shopping with UPI transactions. These coins can be redeemed for exciting rewards and discounts, making your everyday spending more rewarding. With the convenience of the Zithara app, you can easily keep track of your Zi-Coins and locate vendors that accept their purple QR codes. Zithara's Zi-Marketplace also provides a wide range of vouchers and coupons that can be redeemed for various products and services, including your next phone! So, why not start earning Zi-Coins today and make your shopping experience more enjoyable and rewarding? Register now and get a head start with 1000 Zi-Coins. Happy shopping!