The story is as old as time. Or rather as old as the time since Google Pay stopped offering the cashback it promised: There are more and more scratch cards offering disappointment compared to rewards. Why they do this, we don’t know. But if you want to know how to convert better luck next time into unlimited rewards, keep reading! 

It’s Not You, It is…. The Algorithm! 

When you first started using Google Pay, or what it was known as then: Tex, it was fun. That is because the geniuses behind the app converted it to bring transactions into a game. This is what they call gamification. This gamification gives a sense of achievement to the user making them believe they have ‘won’ something. And this activity becomes so rewarding that people want to go back and keep doing it more and more. 

Google used this process to even change habits. No, we are not just talking about how people transact money now, but even when they do it. Generally, in India, there is a superstition about spending or transferring money on Friday. To tackle this, Google Pay offered weekly scratch cards on Fridays that can be unlocked on a transaction. 

Limiting Rewards = Limiting Happiness 

Like all good things, this cashback also stopped after its initial high. You see the point of the app was only to get people to change their way of payment. They increased the download of the app on almost everyone’s phones with the Rs. 51 referral bonus and the rest as they say is history. 

But in this history, the winner ended up being Google because they now have a database of millions and millions of users without having to shell out too much of cash backs. But can we change this? 

Credit card companies and loyalty programs often use rewards and cashback offers to entice customers, but these incentives are usually short-lived and can't match the excitement of redeeming them. These programs may have limited rewards and restrictions on how they can be redeemed, leaving customers feeling dissatisfied. However, there are still options available for customers who want to maximize their rewards. By researching and comparing different programs, customers can find ones that offer more valuable and long-lasting rewards. It's important to read the fine print and understand any restrictions or limitations before signing up for a loyalty program or credit card with rewards. While these programs may not always live up to their hype, there are still opportunities to make the most of them.

Open Doors To Limitlessness

Zithara is a user-centric app that offers rewards, cashback, and loyalty programs exclusively for the benefit of the users. Unlike profit-centric apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, and PayTM, which prioritise the company's profits over the user's benefits, Zithara is solely designed to serve its users. The app does not lure users with false promises only to disappoint them later, instead, it offers tangible benefits that are redeemable and useful for users. With Zithara, users can enjoy a hassle-free experience while earning rewards and benefits that add value to their everyday transactions. Overall, Zithara is an excellent alternative for users seeking an app that prioritizes their benefits over the company's profits.

Zithara provides cashback to its customers through Zi-Coins, which can be earned on every transaction made using the Zithara QR code. 

responds to one rupee spent, meaning that if a customer spends Rs. 35 on a purchase, they will receive 35 Zi-Coins. As customers accumulate these coins, they can redeem them for vouchers from various brands. This reward system provides customers with limitless options to choose from when it comes to redeeming their Zi-Coins. With this system in place, customers can enjoy the benefits of earning cashback and redeeming it for a variety of rewards, all while making their daily purchases.

Why Zithara?

At Zithara, we’ve solved that unique problem. Merchants and customers are now comfortably and intuitively using UPI technology. So, with no additional technology, registered merchants at Zithara (Zi-Merchants) and their customers can perform the following actions:

  1. Make a payment and Receive a payment

Customers can use the Zithara QR code to make a payment from their preferred UPI app. 

    2. Initiate a cashback to the customer

With Zithara’s QR code, the merchant can give a customised Zi-Coin cashback based on the bill value of the customer.

Zi-Coin is Zithara’s cash-replacement reward, which enables customers to extend their cash value to buy additional products and services. 

Zi-Merchants have successfully encouraged their customers to spend more (with an effective increase of 40% in average bill value), and have seen twice the number of repeat purchases. 

To register as a Zi-Merchant, click here


Bid goodbye to the old and welcome the new reward system with Zithara. Get started by registering now and get 1000 Zi-Coins instantly just to get started. Add more and more Zi-Coins to your account until you have enough to redeem your favourite voucher or products!