A cashback offer, on the face of it, feels like a pleasant surprise. You walk into a retail store, identify a product or service you desire, pay for it through a Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transaction, and almost instantaneously get back a tiny part of your payment. Everybody walks away happy. Right?

No, it is not quite simple as that, because the devil is in the details. Cashbacks can potentially transform a seamless payment experience into one plagued by inconvenience. Despite the growing popularity of UPI payments, many cashback offers are linked to credit/debit card and Internet banking payments. When your whole life is built around quick approvals on Google Pay or PhonePe, trying to recall your card number or Internet banking password just so that you can avail of a cashback will likely cause irritation or annoyance.

    1. Inconvenience of Cashback Offers Linked to Card and Internet Banking Payments

Cashback offers linked to card and internet banking payments can cause inconvenience to customers. The need to remember passwords or carry cards can be bothersome, especially for those who prefer the ease of UPI payments. However, Zithara's ZiCoin provides a solution that eliminates this inconvenience.

    2. The Burden of Terms and Conditions with Cashback Offers

Cashback offers come with terms and conditions that can often be burdensome for customers. These conditions can include expiry dates, limited usage, and restrictions on the types of purchases allowed. However, with Zithara's Zi-Coin, customers no longer have to worry about these conditions.

    3. Zithara’s Zi-Coin: The Solution to Cashback Headaches

Zithara's Zi-Coin is a cash replacement mechanism that offers a hassle-free and convenient alternative to cashback offers. By becoming a registered user of Zithara, customers can approach any Zithara-authorised retailer or seller, also known as Zi-Merchants, and choose a product or service of their choice. They can then scan the personalised Zithara QR code assigned to that merchant with their phone and complete the payment process through their preferred UPI app, without the need for remembering their internet banking password or using a debit card.

    4. How Zi-Coin Works: A Seamless Payment Experience with Zi-Merchants

Based on Zi-Merchant's reward program, the cashback in the form of Zi-Coin will be automatically credited to the customer's Zithara wallet. The more purchases they make from Zi-Merchants, the more their Zithara wallet grows, making it a seamless payment experience. With Zi-Coin, customers no longer have to worry about the terms and conditions associated with cashback offers as they can spend the Zi-Coins they earn from Zi-Merchants with no restrictions.

    5. No More Worries About Terms and Conditions with Zi-Coin

Zithara's Zi-Coin provides a hassle-free and convenient alternative to cashback offers. With Zi-Coin, customers can enjoy a seamless payment experience without the burden of terms and conditions associated with cashback offers. Zi-Coin offers customers the flexibility to spend the Zi-Coins they earn from Zi-Merchants with no restrictions

Why Zithara?

Zithara wallet offers its users the unparalleled advantage to earn and use Zi-Coins, a digital currency that provides numerous benefits. One of the most significant advantages of Zi-Coins is that they belong exclusively to the user, providing them with complete control over their digital currency. There are no expiration dates or restrictions on how Zi-Coins can be used, allowing users to make purchases without limitations and combine them with other offers as desired. Additionally, using Zi-Coins for transactions not only simplifies the payment process but also earns users even more of these valuable coins. In short, owning Zi-Coins in Zithara provides users with unmatched flexibility and benefits.

There are two ways in which you can do it.

        1. Zithara Online Marketplace

    Boasts over 2000+ products and services for users to browse and purchase to their heart's content. What's more, users have the option to pay for their selected items using Zi-Coins, cash, or a combination of both, with the added benefit of earning more Zi-Coins as cashback. This unique payment system provides users with flexibility and a chance to earn more while enjoying the convenience of shopping on a secure e-commerce site.

        2. local retailers or sellers: 

    Support by visiting them and selecting the items you wish to acquire. With Zithara UPI, you can conveniently pay for your purchases and receive more Zi-Coins redirected into your wallet. This innovative payment method not only facilitates easy transactions but also allows you to earn more Zi-Coins, making it a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller. So, choose your favourite seller and enjoy the benefits of using Zithara UPI for your purchases.

Zithara's Zi-Coin provides a unique and innovative solution to the inconvenience and burdensome terms and conditions associated with traditional cashback offers. With Zi-Coin, customers can enjoy a hassle-free and seamless payment experience while earning rewards in the form of Zi-Coins, which they can use to make purchases from Zi-Merchants with no restrictions. With the increasing popularity of UPI payments in India, Zi-Coin is poised to become a game-changer in the world of digital payments. 

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