Do you want to generate more business? You need a QR code. It’s that simple! 

Imagine walking down the street, looking at all the storefronts and their advertisements. Each one is screaming for your attention with bright colours and persuasive words. Now imagine what it would be like if every advertisement, in addition to inviting you into their store or restaurant, gave you another way of connecting with them instantly by scanning a quick response code (QR Code). This means that with the help of a phone camera and any UPI app, you can get customers to be part of your loyal target group. This blog will give you an overview of how Zithara can help small businesses increase their customer base through the use of QR codes on printed materials such as flyers, brochures, menus and other promotional items.

How QR codes work

QR codes are a type of barcode that is two-dimensional. QR stands for quick response, which means the code can be scanned quickly using mobile devices with QR scanners or apps.

QR codes have been used in business to increase engagement and loyalty since 2000 when they were introduced by Denso Wave Incorporated from Japan. QR codes contain data that can be accessed via QR scanners or QR apps on smartphones.

QR codes are mainly used for marketing purposes, but they have also been applied to track objects and logistics as well as in the medical field. QR codes may contain text, links, contact details like phone numbers and email addresses, geographical coordinates (GPS), events data such as duration, date and time or a website address. QR codes also may contain media such as photos, videos or audio files.

What they are lacking

QR codes can be used to support marketing campaigns in various ways including: 

– Giving customers access to product information, for example, QR codes placed on adverts that direct customers to the company’s website when they are scanned

– Finding QR codes on products, in magazines or attached to QR code stands in stores which leads customers to a website where they can download the company’s app 

– Providing discounts and promotional offers when customers scan QR codes posted around town for example QR codes at bus stops that allow commuters to access coupons via their phone screen.

But what they lack now is an integrated platform that couples all of the above to give businesses the ultimate QR code experience. That is where Zithara comes in. 

What Zith​ara is doing 

Zithara has pioneered an integrated platform that enables customers to merchant payments with a Unified UPI code and uses this to give generous cashback in the form of Zi-Coins. Zi-Coins are digital rewards that can be collected upon every payment of a Zithara QR code and accumulated to purchase vouchers or even products of leading brands. 

How This Helps Grow Your Business 

For businesses, this is nothing less than magic. This QR code not only gives your customers cashback without any additional cost, but it also helps slash the cost of discounting by nearly half! This also means that Zithara gives your customers rewards and integrates them into the largest royalty program for small business owners and large brands alike. This loyalty program gives opportunities for those that accumulate the Zi-Coins to redeem them on brand offers and more! 

Retailers no longer have to yearn for walk-ins, as Zithara lays out a red carpet for them to welcome them. With its AI-backed marketing tool that is integrated within the app, and the promise of redeemable vouchers, these retailers maintain margins as they need not give deep discounts to attack footfall. 

Why Zithara?

Zithara has revolutionised the payment process for customers by introducing a QR code payment option. This innovative approach allows customers to effortlessly make payments from their favourite UPI app by simply scanning the code, making transactions faster and more seamless. With this technology, customers can enjoy a hassle-free payment experience, Saving Time, Effort and their customers can perform the following actions:

    1. Make a payment and Receive a payment

Zithara has optimised the payment process for customers by offering a QR code payment option. Customers can make payments from their preferred UPI app simply by scanning the code, making the payment process efficient and hassle-free.

    2. Initiate a cashback to the customer

With Zithara’s QR code, the merchant can give a customised ZiCoin cashback based on the bill value of the customer.

ZiCoin is Zithara’s cash-replacement reward, which enables customers to extend their cash value to buy additional products and services. 

Zi-Merchants have successfully encouraged their customers to spend more (with an effective increase of 40% in average bill value), and have seen twice the number of repeat purchases. 

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