UPI is a crowd favourite payment method. Everyone has it! It has become increasingly simple to make a UPI transaction, especially since every bank’s app offers it. 

Some UPI platforms like Google Pay/PayTM/PhonePe have been incentivising people to transact via their apps. People have received cashback, discount coupons, and vouchers for thousands of rupees over the last few years. 

Over a period of time, there’s a decreasing sense of “being rewarded” as the customary scratch card appears and the “cashback” is revealed. You begin to anticipate seeing “better luck next time”. 

By now, people who are creatures of habit, continue to use the same UPI platforms. However, the “cashback” system benefits only the platform. It doesn’t scale to the people transacting on the platform. 

UPI plays a critical role in accelerating India’s digital economy. Now that we’ve successfully on boarded users on multiple platforms, the success of UPI doesn’t stagnate there. UPI has the potential to grow beyond transactions and build relationships. 

You’ve noticed that sometimes, you’re rewarded for paying utility bills or purchasing travel tickets on a UPI app. To be clear, the particular service you paid for still doesn’t have a relationship with you. It’s the UPI app that’s incentivising you to have a certain payment behaviour.

Millions of offline MSMEs rely on UPI to receivecashless payments at their stores. Is it possible to scale the cashback/reward system from UPI app-to-user to merchant-to-user via UPI? That’s what Zithara is here to do. 

When customers use the Zithara QR code to pay at a retail store, they would still use their preferred UPI app to complete the transaction. However, there’s a small twist. The Zithara QR code enables the merchant to directly give a cashback to their customer with ZiCoin. The ZiCoin can be used to purchase additional products/services on www.zithara.in. 

Zitharanot only transforms simple UPI transactions to a powerful customer reward and retention tool, but also makes every small merchant the creator of their own marketing programs. Rewarding with ZiCoin is fully customizable and costs less than 5% of giving out cash discounts. 

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