The question arises: if given the option, which would customers prefer between discounts, which provide value for money, and cashback, which provides real money?

As a retailer in India, you are likely to face competition from online prices. To entice customers, you often hear them asking, "What's the final rate? It's a common occurrence for foot traffic to rise only when discounts are openly promoted. However, once the discount period ends, the footfall usually declines again.

A retail outlet in India not only has to spend money to acquire customers, but it also has to forego precious space in profit margins to make them buy. Following that, customer retention is still in a grey area. 

Cashback for transactions made in physical stores must be digital. Given that merchants have no control over cashback on card transactions, the only available option is UPI.

Zithara makes it incredibly easy to implement a customised cashback program using UPI.

When you register as a merchant on Zithara (Zi-Merchant), you will be able to incentivize customers for making UPI payments. By utilizing the Zithara QR code, your customers can continue to use their preferred UPI apps to complete their payments. Whereas you have the opportunity to give them cash back.​

Customers can utilize ZiCoin to make value-added purchases on

Customers then use the ZiCoin to make additional purchases that add value to their life, on

By offering cashback, merchants can maintain their profit margins (as opposed to providing a cash discount) while also maximising the value of their customers' cash. 

Merchants who have partnered with Zithara have effectively stimulated spending among their customers. The average revenue per bill went up by about 40%, and they saw twice the number of repeat customers in the same period of comparative time. 

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