3 best alternatives to wati for whatsapp automation

Now that you have set up shop on Shopify! Time to look for the most competent tool for WhatsApp marketing.

Perhaps your search on google has left you with myriad options and 

Searching for the best Wati Alternative that could provide you with cutting-edge nudge tools toward achieving the ultimate results can be confusing.

With so many WhatsApp Business API and Cloud API, aka( on-premise versus CloudAPI) providers in the market, We understand that finding the right WhatsApp partner for your business can be pretty daunting.

With that understanding, we have created a list of the 3 most competitive WhatsApp Business API Verses CloudAPI providers with a detailed list of the Pros and Cons to help you choose a Wati Alternative.

In this blog, you'll know:

  • Wati- Pros & Cons
  • Why do we need a  Wati Alternative?
  •  #1 Alternative to Wati- Zithara
  •  #2 Alternative to Wati- Interakt
  •  #3 Alternative to Wati- CM.com
  • Conclusion

About Wati?

Wati is a WhatsApp marketing tools, a product of parent company Clare.ai. Wati is built over the official WhatsApp Business API (BSP) enables businesses to engage in real-time with customers using their WhatsApp tool.


  • No-Code Chatbot builder is available. However, in the standard plan, you get a basic Keyword-based Chatbot builder that only performs basic tasks & doesn't decipher human language.
  • 5 Live Chat Agent support in Base Plan. 


  • WhatsApp Business API approval isn't free- you must pay to get approved. Additionally, you need to pay a different amount for Green Tick Verification.
  • You can connect with Wati support only via email- customer support is highly disappointing, as reported by many Wati customers (who switched to Zithara)
  • No provision for Template Message Strategy or consultation
  • Chatbot integration is self-serve. There's no provision for Chatbot & other software integration. 
  • They charge for Green Tick Verification, while Zithara helps you get it free.

Well, that was all you need to know about Wati!

Most genuine Wati Alternatives

Let's jump to the three(3) Wati Alternatives you can pick as your WhatsApp API provider. 

1. Zithara- Top Wati Alternative

Zithara is the first alternative to Wati out there! 

Zithara is India's first Whatsapp automation platform built using Whatsapp Cloud API.

You see, most of the platforms providing WhatsApp Business API are built on BSP and 

Businesses or BSPs need to:

  • Pay the costs of setting up and maintaining their servers.
  • Pay per message sent or per conversation, following the rules described here.

Zithara on CloudAPI

3 best alternatives to wati for whatsapp automation

  •  Meta pays for the hosting costs.
  • Businesses only pay per message sent or conversation, per the rules described here. Therefore,  
  • Zithara is a no-code WhatsApp Marketing platform based on the official WhatsApp Cloud API, enabling you to direct WhatsApp's power to scale your business to thousands of WhatsApp users.
  • With Zithara, you can signup & apply for WhatsApp Cloud API account for Free of cost. it takes 10 Minutes- 24 Hours to get your WhatsApp Cloud API for your business Account Live. 

Zithara offers a complete WhatsApp Marketing solution built on official WhatsApp Cloud APIs. 

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With Zithara, you can:

1. Send WhatsApp Broadcasts to Unlimited users in one go.

2. Connect on Whatsapp on every transaction and use the Rewards engine to give rewards to customers.

3. Get Feedback on Whatsapp based on a timed Trigger.

4. Launch a Referral on Whatsapp, reward them for referrals, and Ask for Repeat visits to the website.

5. Always retain leads from Social channels. Navigate them to the website via Whatsapp.

6. Accentuate Whatsapp Marketing with the power of RFM Segments

7. Automate payments, abandoned carts, order confirmation & delivery notifications via WhatsApp Automation.

8. Create Custom Chat Flows and connect them to the Whatsapp e-commerce store. 


  • Send WhatsApp Broadcasts to your chosen list of contacts.
  • Recover Abandoned Carts, COD Confirmation, Order confirmation, Reward point delivery
  • Easy to use Chatbot built using NLP to understand language.
  • Integration with all Ecommerce and ERP platforms like Shopify, Wix, woo-commerce, Focus, Ginesys Etc..
  • Most competitive Pricing, Choose from Monthly or yearly subscriptions
  • 24*7 customer support - call, WhatsApp, or email
  • Complete Onboarding with strategy, template message approvals, ERP integrations & Chatbot Integration. 

Zithara- Unlimited Users Plan Pricing

  • You can start with Zithara on a monthly subscription plan to access various features like rewards, referrals, Feedback, Data insights, Whatsapp, and CRM. 
  • Set Up a WhatsApp Business account and get the Green Tick for FREE. 

Get started with Zithara for Free

To switch from Wati to Zithara, connect with our Customer Support Team.

2. Interakt

Interakt, is built using WhatsApp Business API- another Wati Alternative Interakt is one of the list's leading official WhatsApp Business solution providers (BSP).

Provides Digital capabilities on SMS, Whatsapp, and email

 It also supports automated order notifications to users and good contact management on your admin dashboard. 

It's the best API provider for you and requires you to have a Dedicated IT team with advanced software skills


  • affordable-friendly Pricing
  • Integrates with any ERP software like Shopify, Woocommerce etc
  • Preloaded with automated message templates and canned responses


  • Customer support is challenging
  • Requires Developer resource support

3. CM.Com

CM.com is the last API provider on the list as an alternative to Wati . 

 CM.com provides full potential access to various WhatsApp Business API features for your business. It is built on BSP.

Helps with customer support to grow your sales using WhatsApp. Pricey on the list.


  •  24x7x365 Customer support 
  •  No code changes are needed
  • provide various media template for delivery updates, location, order confirmations etc


  • Missing WhatsApp broadcast features.
  • Cumbersome Campaign functionality feature.
  • Analytics still needs to mature.
  • Expensive of the list

CM.com- Pay-per-user-model

  • CM.com adopts Pricing by active users. For e.g., to converse with 500 unique customers/ month, they charge Rs 1499. Cost increases with an increase in contacts.
  • Extra charges for template messages. Per message, charges are listed by WhatsApp for each country. 
  • An additional charge of Rs 7499 onboarding charges on their WhatsApp Business API.


Q. Is there a best Alternative to Wati?

  Zithara is the first company to build an official WhatsApp Marketing platform using WhatsApp Cloud APIs; It allows you to broadcast messages to unlimited users, automate notifications on Triggers, and provide additional features like rewards, feedback, referrals, and CRM.

Q. How to choose a WhatsApp Business API provider or Cloud API?

Choose a partner who uses the most advanced Meta-supported technology, where the Total cost of ownership (TCO) does not grow exponentially.

Q. How to get set up on WhatsApp Cloud API?

 Meta Requires businesses to have a Facebook Meta Suite account and certain required documents when all the prerequisites are verified. Meta approves a new WhatsApp account within 10 minutes - 24 hours via WhatsApp Cloud API with Zithara, India's first CloudAPI provider.


Among the (3)Three best alternatives to Wati, Choosing a WhatsApp API provider requires looking at a non-BSP solution to reduce the TCO. Contact Sales before you decide. You do not manage a Whatsapp Business account on BSP; Zithara powered CloudAPI account uses your Own Facebook business manager account.