Ask this question to ChatGPT, and the New AI  Chat Humbly responds -

"ChatGPT is not a "Google killer." ChatGPT is a language model that generates human-like text based on a given prompt. It can be used for tasks such as text completion, text generation, and question answering, but it is intended to supplement search engines like Google.

This ability to have conversations with emotions embedded into the question you ask the machine makes this New AI-Chat much more natural to another person without judgement.

The bigger question is whether any new innovation needs to be killed to make way for the future or if they can coexist? "Yes" and "No" depending on the incumbents choice.

I want to look at it as this -  Google needed to exist for ChatGPT to become this new sensation with over 1 million signups since its launch on Nov 30th.

Are Google and ChatGPT similar?

Even with this grand entry to signal the next significant evolution in internet search, this conversational chatbot differs distinctly from Google.

Here's how.

1. No scanning

It does not scan the internet for your inquiries or dish out nearby offers or GMB reviews ( Frankly, in my opinion, GMB's so-called customer-centric approach is a business killer). Still, the world has not seen any better!  When a business is given a binary rating of 3.9 or 4.2, etc., it misses the nuance behind the crazy.

2. Tone

ChatGPT's conversational tone makes things seem more nuanced. You want to believe the racing has ended, and now we can be just nice to each other and ask a Question in a human language and be told about the pros and cons of your question.

Does Google have a Game Plan?

Google has been reluctant to release its version of ChatGPT, LaMDA, that has been underway for some time and is seemingly more intelligent than OpenAI's latest release. Perhaps Google wants to avoid disrupting its core search business model.

Recently, Deep Mind, AI Subsidiary of Google, has launched Dramtron,  to Co-write Scripts using Language models and advanced code.

If Google had all these in its pipeline but delayed the launch of these tools just so not to disrupt its business model, then it is a only a matter of time that  ChatGPT or a similar tech can replace Google soon. It is upto Google to face the future.

Another area ChatGPT seems to make a business case  is content generation, We have asked the AI Chat bot  the Following Question

"write a blog post on future of bloggers with advent of ChatGPT"

The beautifully written content will instantly make you think that it is good and does the job, if not for Google crawler frowning upon AI-generated content.

ChatGPT's take on Zithara