Meta recently announced the debut of WhatsApp Cloud API, which enables companies worldwide to communicate with clients. To the requirements of the company, they can also personalize their WhatsApp experience.

Earlier, businesses had to rely on BSPs (Business Service Providers) to access the WhatsApp Business API. Going through a BSP was proving to be time- and resource-intensive for small businesses.

A company can totally avoid BSPs by using Meta's WhatsApp Cloud API to obtain a free Whatsapp Cloud API account from Facebook. It turns out to be a highly practical and affordable instrument for interaction and dialogue.

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How WhatsApp Cloud API Pricing Works

The pricing feature of the WhatsApp Cloud API is its best benefit.

It costs nothing to sign up for a WhatsApp Cloud API account. Additionally, there are no expenses associated with hosting the API. An organization merely has to pay for communication.

Previously, if a company used a BSP, the company would have to pay the price for each additional message. That is no longer the case. Instead of being based on the number of notifications or messages sent, communication pricing is determined by the number of conversations every 24 hours.

There are two different categories under the new Conversation-based pricing.

  • User-initiated Conversations: As the name implies, these are discussions that begin on the user's or client's end. Typically, these messages include customer service queries or questions. Only when a company responds and furthers the dialogue within 24 hours is it charged? The 24-hour session window begins when a company responds to a customer's question. Within this 24-hour session window, the company may respond with any unstructured message (without any approval required).

 The company will have to start the conversation with a pre-approved template message if it doesn't reply within this 24-hour session. Additionally, it won't be charged as a user-initiated communication any longer.

  • Business-Initiated Conversations - Conversations that a business initiates outside of the previously specified 24-hour limit are referred to as "business-initiated Conversations". These are typically notifications that are sent following purchases. The messages also can't be unstructured or free-form. Businesses can only begin a conversation using a pre-approved template.

The dialogue is measured in 24-hour windows, whether it is user-initiated or business-initiated. When the initial message is sent, whether, by the user or the company, a conversation is said to have begun. The quantity of messages sent and received between the user and the company is uncharged. There is no difference in price whether there are 3 or 30.

There are no restrictions on the kind of messages that can be sent once the conversation has started, including free-form and template messages.

However, the country code of the user or client does affect the rate.

How does the WhatsApp Cloud API differ from the Business API?

Both the Whatsapp Cloud API and the Business API share the same features and end objectives. However, what distinguishes them both are their distinct features and methods.

Access: Business Service Partner (BSP) is partnered with Whatsapp Business API. Anyone who wants to create a Whatsapp business API account or who has to carry out any action from the account must obtain BSP access; only then can they carry out their intended action.

In contrast to the Whatsapp Business API, the Whatsapp cloud API has no middlemen, and businesses may easily and directly access the Meta server.

Price: Another key difference between the two is that you pay for the BSP's service for each message initiated by your business and every reply to your customer after 24 hours via the Business API. It is necessary. Whatsapp Cloud API only counts conversations after the first 1000 messages per month.

Maintenance: Whatsapp Business API requires the BSP to manually maintain and update the server, which is often time-consuming. Whatsapp Cloud API, on the other hand, is freely managed by Meta Server and updates are automatic.

Charges: The charge for each call depends on the location of the company and the customer. Also, the fees for initiated and user-initiated transactions are different. Below are the call charges for the WhatsApp Cloud API.

Authorization: Whatsapp Cloud API provides access to open an account within 10 minutes, but WhatsApp Business API registration and authorization takes longer due to the intermediate server BSP.

Capacity: WhatsApp Cloud API has a higher capacity compared to WhatsApp Business API. You can send and receive 250 messages per second via Whatsapp Cloud API. A message can be text or media. However, the WhatsApp Business API allows sending and receiving 70 messages per second.

Integrations: Whatsapp Cloud API enables integration with third-party applications such as CRMs and analytics to help you analyze your data and discover useful information and insights that your business needs. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the WhatsApp Business API.

Free Tier Conversation

WhatsApp has announced a new pricing scheme for its cloud API, which will be based on the number of conversations. This means that users won't have to pay for every API message but will instead be charged based on the number of conversations they have with their customers.

WhatsApp Cloud API is profitable and this feature proves it. As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp Cloud API has no background interference. Therefore, there is no need to pay any fees like for BSP in WhatsApp Business API.

Whatsapp Cloud API follows a conversation-based pricing strategy, and this is one of the best benefits for businesses i.e. any business with an account of Whatsapp Cloud API will only pay for conversations with users or customers. With this amazing feature, WhatsApp cloud API allows businesses to have the first 1000 messages per month for free. Thus, one only has to pay for one chat after using up these 1000 free messages. Each WhatsApp business account will receive 1,000 free messages that can be started by a business or a user. If a Whatsapp business account has multiple phone numbers, each number will get 1000 free messages. This way, your business can create experiences your customers will love before they have to pay to create effective customer relationships.

The Free Tier is updated monthly based on the time zone associated with the WhatsApp business account. For example, if I sign up for my WhatsApp business account on October 25th, I get 1000 free messages until November 25th and then again 1000 more on November 25th. Likewise, the next cycle begins on December 25, and the same cycle repeats. Businesses shouldn't overpay for WhatsApp, and that's a good thing.

This is a good development for companies with tight budgets, as well as companies that want to send marketing messages at a lower cost and build customer relationships. Building customer relationships is important for a business because of customer loyalty.

Free Entry Points Conversations

Another great but cost-effective feature of Whatsapp Cloud API is free entry point chat. These conversations are initiated by users through ads and Facebook pages.

Advertisements are the most effective marketing strategy to attract and retain customers as they act as the starting point to initiate a conversation with the customer. Whenever a customer sees an interesting or engaging advertisement, they text the business number for details, and from thereon, the business can build a relationship with the customer by regularly updating them with information like deals, offers, sales, company upgrades, etc.

Every ad has call-to-action buttons. These are buttons that redirect customers to a specific action like opening a website and more. When a business adds a call-to-action button to WhatsApp, it helps them build relationships and understand their customers. The Whatsapp cloud API allows business accounts to chat with customers for free via call-to-action buttons. Each chat after the first one is charged according to the chat price.

If a WhatsApp business account is linked to more than one phone number, each number can have a free chat via call-to-action buttons on Facebook pages and ads.

Only the first conversation via advertising is free, but not the advertising as such. To advertise your commercial products or services, you must adhere to a separate pricing policy.

This also applies to call-to-action buttons on Facebook pages. This means that any conversation redirected through the Facebook page will also be free, and all chats after the first one will be charged at the price of the conversation.

From now on, make sure to add call-to-action buttons on your ads to grow your business, and take advantage of this cool feature on the WhatsApp cloud API.

Conversation-Based Pricing For Support Teams

If a company wants to provide a great experience for its customers, the support team needs to be competent, efficient, and fast. The response time and level of support should be of very good quality. The WhatsApp cloud API allows the support team to always perform at their best.

When a customer makes a request, the support team must respond immediately. Since they don't need to initiate a conversation, the support team can make the most of user-led chats and resolve any questions or issues within 24 hours.

Some issues may take more than 24 hours to resolve. In such cases, additional fees will be charged based on chats initiated by the company.

For example, suppose a customer initiates a conversation and sends a message asking for the price and availability of a certain product. The 24-hour window begins when a support team member responds to the case. Once the answer is given, the conversation ends. This will count as 1 conversation. The number of messages exchanged is not counted.

If there is no response to the customer's request, the conversation will not start, and the company will not be billed.


The company will also be charged for its automated response to incoming spam.

Conversation-based Pricing for Marketing Teams

Marketing is at the heart of any business as it is tasked with attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, and increasing sales. No business can survive without sales. The marketing team must also have accurate knowledge of the customers and understand their psychology to execute the right strategies and plans.

Marketing teams can use the WhatsApp Cloud API to send promotional messages to showcase a collection, announce an upcoming sale, or simply send urges to entice customers to make a purchase. When the marketing team sends out a message, they must use a pre-approved message template. Models can be textual, multimedia or even interactive. The turnaround time to get a sample approved is 2-3 days, so the marketing team needs to get the samples approved a few days in advance. Templates also cannot be changed or updated once they are approved, so it is essential to take your time and draft your message carefully. Custom templates are more likely to be approved.

Each message sent by the marketing team is a conversation initiated by the company. It is expensive, but there is no additional cost for messages that follow the first message initiated by the company. If a business sends two messages within 24 hours, that message counts as one conversation.

WhatsApp API Pricing 

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User-initiated Rate























































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Rest of Africa



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Affordable WhatsApp API Pricing: Zithara

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Transforming Conversations for Brands

 Marketing via chat is important for engaging with customers and personalizing their experience to gain valuable insights while delivering value to customers.

Conversational marketing increases customer satisfaction for businesses. Businesses can make the most of chat marketing to improve user satisfaction by providing a consistent experience across every digital touchpoint. This can be easily achieved through the WhatsApp cloud API.

By having WhatsApp Cloud UPI, businesses can increase consumer engagement, trust, and loyalty. It does this by allowing users to interact directly and on demand with your brand.

WhatsApp Cloud API can also get the most out of marketing and support by enabling them to work efficiently and quickly.

Such conversations, whether user-initiated or company-initiated, can be game-changers for brands because they put the customer first. By talking to customers on such a human level, businesses can connect with customers like never before. These WhatsApp conversations can also yield key insights into customer behaviour that a business can leverage to take its operations to the next level.

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