WhatsApp marketing is gaining traction at a very fast pace. It will soon overtake Facebook due to its reach and ease of use. 

Over a 100 billion messages are sent across the world on WhatsApp each day!

It has a dual advantage of being easy to setup and use, and also has a high open rate. No wonder it is being called one of the most effective marketing tools to ever be created. 

Bulk WhatsApp marketing can be used by any business in any sector - Education, Online Stores, Logistics.

It is very cost effective due to its low cost-to-response ratio. This makes Bulk WhatsApp marketing suitable for even small businesses that run on tight budgets and with very few personnel.

But First, What Is A Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software?

It is a software tool that enables you to send hundreds of messages to your customers without requiring to save their contact details. 

It is beneficial to invest in such a software as it carries with it multiple benefits.

  • The software allows you send messages with media in it, that increases the open rate as well as the conversion rate.

  • WhatsApp’s encryption allows customers to trust your business with their data.

  • Bulk WhatsApp messages can even be sent to DND numbers.

  • Bulk WhatsApp messages allow you to send quick surveys and polls so that a business can understand its customers and the demand for its products/services better.

Bulk Marketing Software

Benefits of a Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software 

  1. Using a software allows you to reach a broader and wider base of customers. 

  2. A wide customer base leads to better market position.

  3. Software give you analytics that let you track read receipts, offer redemption and other marketing campaign results

  4. CRM allows you to build on effective customer engagement that ultimately leads to strong customer relationships.

What to Look For In A Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

1. Easy integration with your existing setup.

The Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software should not be a standalone that requires extra effort. It will need fit into seamlessly into your existing setup.

2. Personnel-friendly 

The marketing team should be able to design campaigns easily, see the results, and evaluate them easily. It should make the work of the team easier instead of making it more difficult.

  3. Customer Care 

Although not directly related to the functionality of the software, Customer Care is an essential component of any service. The software providers should be available to help your team get adjusted to the software instead of leaving them in the water without a lifeboat.

Make sure you keep the above factors in mind before deciding which software to choose for your business. 

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing software programs are a great solution for small and big businesses alike. Here are a few such software programs that will help you take your businesses to new heights.

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1. Zithara

Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools

Zithara is a one-stop solution for all your WhatsApp marketing needs, powered by the most robust CRM.

It can be easily integrated into your existing online store regardless of whether it is created on Shopify, WooCommerce or any such alternative. 

The platform’s CRM is unlike any other CRM available in the market as other CRMs mainly cater to B2B businesses. Zithara’s CRM caters specifically to B2C businesses. It lets you look at a customer’s 360 degree persona based on his purchase history and habits. This in turn lets you create suitable WhatsApp messages that will ensure high conversion rates.

Zithara lets you send nudges triggered by various events like completion of transaction, abandoned carts etc.

Apart from this, Zithara’s platform allows you to setup a rewards and loyalty program that generates in-house reward coins. You can define the exchange rate at which these coins are given and at what rate they can be redeemed. This further bolsters your Customer Retention as customers are tempted to use and redeem these reward points. 

Zithara’s WhatsApp engagement tool lets you convey to the customer how many reward points he gets, how many he has redeemed in a transaction, and how many he has left.

Zithara lets you cross-sell with its extensive partner brand network as well.

The customer support is one of the best in business.

2. SalesPanda

Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools


SalesPanda’s interface supports multimedia which increases customer engagement and higher revenue. You can manage your sales team, monitor customer-engagement in real-time and help grow your sales funnel.

It easy to use but the pricing for its tool makes it  inaccessible to small businesses or businesses just staring off. 

There is no personal Customer care, and the dashboard provides very few headers. The whole software takes some time to get used to.

3. Waam-it Sender

Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools

It is a marketing tool that allows you to send customized bulk messages. It also supports 50+ languages. This makes it suitable for an organization that has a pan-India presence or even pan-world. It has three plans that you can choose from based on your budget and needs. Features that you get or not depending on the plan include sending attached files, personalized files, scheduling messages, advanced chatbots (saving text, setting an inactivity time, Zapier and Integromat API integration)

WAAM-it allows you to personalize your messages including text, emojis, links (with a preview) & most WhatsApp supported file types. 

But it provides one license to only one PC. This makes it difficult for a team with multiple people to use it. Handling multiple features from only working space makes tasks difficult and inefficient.

4. Kaleyra

Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools

It is basically an omnichannel communication software. 

It provides a WhatsApp marketing software that gives integrated communication communication services that includes voice, text, message and WhatsApp. You cans hare e-tickets, video tutorials, QR codes, location of the nearest store.

It is an API-based platform that helps in increasing customer engagement. It allows you to design multi-channel communication flows with the help of their drag-and-drop visual tool. They also provide templates that can be used by your readily.

It provides easy integration but the chatbot feature is basic and does not provide great features. The remaining balance shows in seldom accurate, and it takes time to generate the sales and marketing reports. The customer support team is often busy or inactive.

5. RapBooster

Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools

RapBooster puts you in touch with a Digital Marketing consultant who will put together a digital marketing plan based on your budget. They can help start-ups kickstart their digital campaigns via WhatsApp. They have a variety of tools in their portfolio that you can harness.

However, they do not provide any dedicated team or customer care. Reviews say that the response after making the payment is poor.

6. WappBlaster

Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools

It allows you to send bulk WhatsApp messages with cloud based WhatsApp sender. You can send OTPs, Invoices, and others with API as well.

There is no separate download involved. It can be used directly from the web browser. It can also be used for influencer marketing.

It is helpful mainly for B2B agencies. It can help you focus on a single campaign for one brand, or multiple socials - whatever the demand and need is.

It has some extra features like adding watermark to your images, file manager and group manager.

Reviews say that the con of this service is that it has poor customer service and it is not very easy to use.

7. Whatso

Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools

It allows business to connects with customers on WhatsApp and Wordpress. It offers WooCommerce plugin, and a Reseller option is also available. It  uses Cloud API from WhatsApp. The platform is web-based and allows you to import contacts and send bulk messages.

Since the entire customer data has to be imported, there is no guarantee for data security and there could be a data breach if there is a malware attack.

8. Sendinblue

Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools

It is an all-in-one marketing platform for engaging with leads and customers and building customer engagement through targeted communication. It can cover the entire marketing funnel with their multiple solutions. It is popular among small and medium businesses. It provides multiple services like SMS marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, segmentation, and a Bulk WhatsApp Marketing software. It can tailor its product to suit your requirements and budget.

But each message has to be paid for. The system is also slow, outdated and tends to crash often. Customer service can be improved.


Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools

WATI is a WhatsApp Engagement tool that is built on WhatsApp Business API. It provides integrations with Zoho, Woocommerce, Shopify, hubspot, Zapier and Chrome. There is no free plan. Every plan is a paid one.

WATI can be used by the sales team for interacting with leads, by the support team for interacting with customers about their orders, by marketing teams for conveying personalized offers and by developers who only wants API access without any separate dashboard.

WATI does not provide any web Live chat integration, and the customer support is not great.

10. Vepaar

Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools

Vepaar’s platform is web and mobile friendly. WhatsApp feature comes enabled with a CRM  that will help in creating customer profiles, sending personalized messages and replies etc. The marketing team and sales team can use it even when they don't have any technical knowledge. Apart from WhatsApp Software, they also provide tools to optimize you website

They offer a trial period, but the trial period is limited and is not enough to explore the features of the platform.

When it comes to choosing the right bulk WhatsApp marketing software, keep in mind all the pros and cons, the pricing, and the availability of the customer care from their end.


1. What is the best WhatsApp Marketing Software?

Zithara is a CRM-powered platform that lets a business target leads and customers on WhatsApp based on RFM analytics and a 360 degree customer profile.

2.How can I use WhatsApp as a marketing tool?

WhatsApp can be used for marketing purposes by sending product-specific or event-specific campaigns to customers based on their customer profiles. You can also use it to simply interact with your customers more and add value to your brand.

3. Is WhatsApp marketing legal?

WhatsApp Marketing is legal if there is compliance with WhatsApp's commerce policy and with permission from WhatsApp.

4. How much does WhatsApp Marketing cost?

The WhatsApp Business App is free. This makes it highly beneficial for small business owners who do not have huge budgets just for marketing. On the other hand, WhatsApp Business API charges businesses based on conversations i.e. user-initiated or business-initiated.

5. How do I make big sales on WhatsApp?

Big Sales are possible on WhatsApp if a proper Marketing Strategy is in place. The correct tone of the brand, the target audience and the KPIs are a few factors that must be decided. The content that is sent out to leads and customers should also be interactive and use the various multi-media features that WhatsApp supports.

6. Is WhatsApp ad free?

Yes. A user cannot see ads on WhatsApp. The only way a business can advertise on WhatsApp is via Facebook where a customer can click on the ad and be redirected to a WhatsApp chat window.

7.Why WhatsApp does not sell ads?

WhatsApp is primarily a messaging and communication platform, and not social media which is why it does not sell ads on its platform.

8. How many messages can I send on WhatsApp per day?

In WhatsApp Business API, there are four tiers with different limits.

Tier 1- 1k unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period.

Tier 2 - 10k unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period.

Tier 3 - 100k unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period.

Tier 4 - unlimited business-initiated conversations in a rolling 24-hour period.

9. How can I send 1000 messages on WhatsApp for free?

WhatsApp API lets you send 1000 + messages per day. (The first 1000 conversations per month are free )

10. Is WhatsApp bulk sender legal?

Yes, it is. 

11. Is sending bulk messages on WhatsApp illegal?

No, sending bulk messages on WhatsApp is not illegal.

12. Is WhatsApp direct Marketing?

Using WhatsApp is a form of Direct Marketing as it involves sending a message directly to the customer.

13. Is WhatsApp business harmful?

WhatsApp Business App is not harmful. But is limiting as it can be used only on one device.

14. Is WhatsApp API free or paid?

The procurement of API itself is free, but charges are incurred based on the conversations made. Additional charges apply based on the platform you use to send the WhatsApp messages.