Zithara has been deeply involved with day-to-day activities with many D2C clients right from the time Whatsapp started becoming a strong medium for consultative buying and retention campaigns.

Zithara believes that consultative and personalised E-commerce is the future and has seen brands deliver that through Whatsapp.

There has been a tendency among D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) brands to make recurring errors during their planning and implementation processes.

We keep certain things in mind to ensure that brand can improve retention and offer great support while ensuring they don’t ghost their loyal audience.

        1. Large User Base: 

Whatsapp has more than 2 billion active users worldwide, making it one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. With such a vast user base, it's highly likely that many of your customers are already using Whatsapp.

        2. Personalised Communication: 

WhatsApp allows you to send personalised messages to your customers, which can help you, build stronger relationships with them. You can send targeted messages based on customer preferences, behaviour, and purchase history, which can help you increase customer loyalty and retention.

        3. Cost-Effective: 

Whatsapp Marketing is a cost-effective way to communicate with your customers. Unlike traditional marketing channels, you don't need to spend a lot of money on advertising or promotions. You can send messages to your customers for free, and the only cost involved is the time and effort required to create and manage your campaigns.

        4. High Engagement Rates: 

whatsapp messages have higher engagement rates compared to other marketing channels such as email or social media. Since whatsapp messages are sent directly to your customers' mobile devices, they are more likely to be read and responded to quickly.

        5. Multiple Formats: 

WhatsApp supports multiple formats, including text, images, videos, and voice messages. This allows you to create rich and engaging content that can capture your customers' attention and keep them interested in your brand.

Overall, WhatsApp Marketing is a highly effective way for D2C brands to connect with their customers. Zithara increase engagement, drive sales and provides your customer behaviour with AI CRM tool.  If your brands haven’t started using whatsapp for your marketing campaigns, what are you waiting for you’re missing your potential customers. 

    How Zithara Whatsapp solution can help getting whatsapp business account

Zithara’s whatsapp engine powered by whatsapp could API is the cloud version of Whatsapp Business API, which allows businesses & developers to build on top of Whatsapp to customise their experiences and respond to customers quickly & easily. Obtaining approval for the Whatsapp Cloud API directly from Facebook is a fast and simple process for businesses.

    With Whatsapp Cloud APIs, any business can:

        • Easily access the service,

        • Build on top of Whatsapp and

        • Engage with customers seamlessly

In the past, only Whatsapp’s partners and business service providers (BSPs) had the authorisation to develop applications

To gain access to the Whatsapp API, businesses sought assistance from authorised Whatsapp Business Service Providers, as Facebook did not offer direct access to the API.

Now, Facebook has removed this restriction by allowing businesses to create & get their Whatsapp Cloud API accounts approved directly from Facebook.

Just like on-premise Whatsapp Business API, you'd need a platform like Zithara to use Cloud Whatsapp API. Let's look at how you can use Whatsapp Cloud API with Zithara:

    1. Whatsapp Bulk Broadcasting to thousands of users in one goes.

    2. Integrate 2000+ CRMs, E-commerce platforms to automate     notifications for events like order/ shipping/ payment     confirmations & more.

    3. Enhance customer experience by providing live chat support     with human representatives, accessible across multiple devices.

    4. Send Text, Image, Audio & Video based template messages

    5. Add lists, Quick Replies & CTA Buttons to messages

    6. Get Free Green Tick Verification for your Business 

These were the features of Whatsapp Cloud API with a platform like Zithara. The Whatsapp Cloud API offers numerous advantages. Have a look!

    Benefits of Whatsapp Cloud API

    The Whatsapp Cloud API offers:

  • Swift approval for the Whatsapp Business API directly from Facebook, with a fast turnaround time of just a few minutes. Businesses can obtain direct access to the Business API by engaging with Business Service Providers (BSPs).
  • No cost involved for businesses seeking approval for the WhatsApp Business API.
  • However, Facebook does not offer any platform to use the WhatsApp Business API. For this purpose, businesses uses Zithara platform, an official WhatsApp Business API-based platform that allows broadcasting campaigns and providing customer support through a unified platform.
  • Instantly receive new updates to the WhatsApp Business API, as businesses now have direct access to the API via Cloud APIs.

    Get whatsapp could API for free, step to follow:

To obtain the WhatsApp Cloud API at no cost, simply use Zithara, which offers both the API and a platform for seamless integration and user engagement at scale.

Zithara eliminates the need for an approved Facebook Business Manager Account, as long as you have an active Facebook and WhatsApp account.